The Mathematics of Topological Insulators in Naples

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  • Lecture 1
    02/02/2015 15.30-17.30 dr. G.Panati
    An introduction to Chern insulators Topological phases of matter, Kitaev's periodic table Bloch-Floquet theory, Bloch bundles and their Chern classes Is the Chern number observable?

  • Lecture 2
    03/02/2015 14.30-16.00 dr. G.Panati
    An introduction to Z_2 topological insulators Periodic Schrödinger operators with TR-symmetry Existence of TR-symmetric Bloch frames?

  • Lecture 3
    03/02/2015 16.30-18.00 Prof. G.M.Graf
    Quantum Hall effect (QHE): What is it? Views of the Quantum Hall effect: As a pump, as a bulk effect, and as an edge effect.

  • Lecture 4
    04/02/2015 14.30-16.30 Prof. G.M.Graf
    Mathematical details: Spectral flow and Fredholm indices; linear response and the Kubo formula; Equivalences between views

  • Lecture 5
    05/02/2015 14.30-16.30 Prof. G.M.Graf
    The periodic case: fiber bundles, the Great Wall, and butterflies Topological insulators: What are they? The Pfaffian indices and the Rueda Bulk and Edge equivalence Details on the 3d case

  • References
    M.Z. Hasan, C.L. Kane, Topological Insulators, Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol 82, 2010.
    S.Q. Shen, Topological Insulators, Springer 2012.
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